although nothing in here is true

if i were to have to pick Best Nude New Blogger of 2008, it would be a tough choice between two ladies from Ontario: Ali and Sass.

obviously there are no losers in such a decision as one should be happy just to be nominated. however i would have to give the slight advantage to Sass right now. Ali had a great blog going, she was raw, emotional, funny, hell – even nude for some of it. but then she pulled an elliott smith kobain on it which is truly frowned upon on this blog.

the first rule of blogging is keep blogging. all the chatter about this or that just might possibly be the devil himself trying to get you to click that Delete Blog button and im sorry but that button shouldnt ever exist.

i still heart ali, alot, and her new blog is really good, better than a lot of blogs out there, and its nice to see some of the pics i took of her on there, and its interesting to see a slightly different dimension to our girl.

however, Sass, despite her cutesie zucking speech stylingz is pretty hard to top right now. there has been some great improvements to her blog throughout the year, the most dramatic being that she no longer blurs out the faces of her friends.

other plusses includes videos, lots of posts, many photos, great design, and running features like I’m Not Naked where she shows off whatever shes wearing that day.

for fashion snobs like me and you, it’s killer.

then to top off an already successful summer of love(?) this week sass provided us with a no-pants sleepover housewarming photo special which showed canada in a brightly colored and diverse way that i havent seen on the in quite a while.

my only question is, how come raymi, fil, christie, et al werent in attendance?

have no fear though bloggers, theres still a few more months left in this calendar year for the race for Best New Blogger ’08, so take off your pants and get to bloggin.

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