this is what i call the most wonderful early birthday gift

from our good friends at Sirius Satellite radio:

For Those About To Rock… AC/DC Radio
Exclusive Limited
Engagement Channel

When: On Now
Channel: 29

Hear the high voltage sounds of AC/DC 24/7, including classics like “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black,” and preview tracks from Black Ice, the band’s first studio album in eight years.

The channel features exclusive interviews with band members Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams, Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd, who share their personal insights into their music and their career.

i know its just a marketing ploy to get people pumped about Black Ice – as if one needs any artificial stimulation – but for huge fans of the band, like moi, this is pretty exciting.

several bands have their own channel on Sirius: the Dead, Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett… i think they even let R.E.M. have a channel for a little while. the problem is you get burnt out of the artist pretty quickly. for some reason i dont know if that will happen with the AC/DC channel since they have so many records.

and theyre all oh so different.

but seriously, its exciting. i am finding myself getting pretty bored with The Buzzsaw because they play the same Kiss / Def Lepard / Skynyrd / Metalica / Maiden tunes, so it will be nice to have what i really want every once in a while, which is angus reeling off one solo after another

and those classic tunes of love.

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