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yesterday lindsay posted a followup to the story about the gentleman who put a kitten in a homemade bong and blew a bunch of pot smoke in it to mellow it out. allegedly.

somehow he got caught. oh yes thats right, the police were called to his home, and when they arrived they saw the oddity first hand.

Lancaster County sheriff’s deputies responding to a domestic disturbance call Sunday allege that they saw 20-year-old Acea Schomaker smoking marijuana through a piece of garden hose attached to a duct-taped, plastic glass box in which the cat had been stuffed.

“This cat was just dazed,” Sgt. Andy Stebbing said. “She was on the front seat of the cop car, wrapped in a blanket, and never moved all the way to the Humane Society.”

according to the update, Acea who first plead not guilty to putting the cat in the box o’ pot, has not decided to admit guilt, a crime that could put him in the pokey for a year.

Schomaker originally pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges in April and has said his intention was not to harm the cat, a six-month-old female named Shadow, but rather to calm her.

Shadow, he said, had behavioral problems that included biting and scratching people. After hearing stories of animals being calmed when humans blew marijuana smoke in their faces, he decided to do them one better and placed her inside the smoking device.

How there is no “Acea’s Shadow” saturday morning cartoon series is beyond me. let them fight crime by time traveling through their magic bong and occasionally pleading guilty to adorable crimes of stoney cruelty.

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