saw a great movie last night

but i cant talk about it till friday when it comes out

it stars almost everyone in hollywood. and even a few hip hop stars. everyones very funny.

i wanna say “its the best 2 1/2 hour comedy that could have easily been 2 hours” but then that would be talking about the film (that only feels like 90 minutes).

so instead i will sigh about my relationship with my truest. i know uh-gain!

we left the movie on such a high, looking for food. as is often the case, i of course ruined the mood by talking about subjects that were bound to piss her off. i pissed her off seconds before the film, as well, because im just such a wonderful man.

but some of these topics needed to be discussed and i figured, why not talk about them in the glow of a great movie when the feelings are good? these are the lessons i learned while sucking on nitrous in the dentist chair: do painful things when really happy.

so we talked. and if theres one thing i am still amazed at is how well she and i can navigate through the dangerous seas of intensely sensitive subjects while trusting each other, saying things in blunt but sweet ways, and pushing each other to try to reach some semblance of shared agreement.

but because im completely insane, after we were in an understanding with one subject, i would double down and bring up a second high voltage matter, and then a third! all while doing the one thing she had repeatedly asked me not to do: put my hand on her bare thigh!


strangely, weirdly, ridiculously, we made it to Fred 62 (one of the few all night eateries) without totally hating each other and in fact feeling good about all the poisonous ground we had covered.

ate drank desserted and as she tried to fall asleep i kept talking to her and she had one eye open, one closed, and she was all please just lets table all of this till tomorrow. im not going anywhere. just going to sleep.

and a half hour later, i stopped yapping.

however at 4am i noticed that we checked in with each other with little whispers of “your feet smell” which got the response of “no, i just farted.”

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