modern luv: part deux

When I was living with this one boyfriend (I’d name him, but you don’t know him so it doesn’t matter, OH OK let’s call him Les) I WAS in fact screwing my ex… who in fact was the person I left my husband for… yeah we both lied to his face about it for awhile before that relationship ended and we got back together. He was pretty much my soul-mate, and that status might still stand today even though we aren’t together now and haven’t been since 2003. He even came to visit me in 2008 and I screwed him then too (although I was single that time).

flatline girl

3 thoughts on “modern luv: part deux

  1. hi Tony…modern luv kinda sucks in a way doesn’t it…but you know…sometimes we just meet that person that we can’t get out of our system… and others suffer for it.  So do we though…

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