i fall in love way too quickly

and for all the wrong reasons. but usually that love sticks around.

if you havent noticed im friends with almost all of my ex gfs.

indeed my valentines is an ex.

not sure what we’re going to do on sunday but it will be muy romantico.

why? why not.

im thinking about getting a motel in a bad part of town and getting a bunch of props and filling the room with the stuff including smoke machines and strobe lights and trippy music.

and flowers.

and filling the bathtub with jello.

which would take a long time, i know, but theres these dudes that stand outside the home depot and they swear they’ll do pretty much any task youve got for them.

yo i need you to make all this jello and then bring it to the no tell motel and fill a bathtub with the jello.

no problemo boss, they’ll say.

and there will be balloons and pizza.

all the things she never got when we were officially together.


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