john lennon is a trademark of yoko ono lennon

Zona: who dat? (used with the expressed written consent of the National Football League)

the president of the united states should be allowed to call a few “audibles” during his term. something like 5-6 things that might not be exactly constitutional, but are Right, but would never pass Congress or be approved by the Supreme Court. if i was president id outlaw the DH rule, income tax, the practice of record labels making their music videos unable to be embedded on web sites, any outdoor smoking ban, the monopoly AT&T has to provide service to the iPhone, and the NFL’s tyranny about everything from barring bars and clubs and places from calling the Super Bowl the Super Bowl and their bizarre belief that “who dat” is a trademark of theirs.

Virginia: Will everything be ok?

the great thing about life is we all die alone and deteriorate. not in a sad way, more like in a Flaming Lips “do you realize” way. but no, pretty much nothing ends up ok, but it can be fun pretending that it will.

Lemi4 aka. fERDI:) [hookay my 1st ever ‘Ask Tony’ in God knows how many years.. let’s see…] Do you remember me?

of course. i remember every busblog reader especially those circa 2004. hows your twin sister? jk.

timmay!!!!! : when will the celtics bounce back? when will obama bounce back? when will the economy bounce back?

the celtics barely beat the lakers before they even had pau gasol. remember that series? it wasnt anything to crow over. sure it was nice to see kg cry while squeezing that trophy and it was nice that he was able to bring bill russell into the spotlight again, but its over charlie. not rondo not big baby not sheed not the hobbling paul pierce or the ghost of red can step up when it matters. im not the hugest laker fan, but the celts are going to have to get past king james first. obama and the economy bounced back when he took question time from the right and schooled em like it werent no thing.

Gage: what was your favorite animated segment from Sesame street?

this could be the best question ive ever gotten on ask tony. how can this be? but worse i cant think of something that i can remember. sesame street was such an acid trip to a kid, when i was a kid, which was acid trip time anyways.

id have to say the one with the little girl who has to remember the grocery list.

not only do i love it cuz its true, but i love it because we just dont hear those kinds of accents and dialects on tv today unless someones up to something. but this was just a mom and her daughter. no pretense. but soul. sweet soul. also it reminds me that i cant remember things either.

Andrea: What will we do when Lost ends?

we will wait for the movie like good little sheep. first should come the Sopranos movie, but right on its heels i want a Lost movie. preferably three hours long. in 3D.

Pitt: why do these questions above me blow so hard?

listen, you. i get so few comments these days on this blog, and youre gonna diss em? speaking of, wheres your blog? you used to have a great blog. same goes for that wife of yours. both of you were leaders in the field. where does Chad have to get abused and fight back any more? why hast thou forsaken chad? speaking of, why dont any of you canadians ever come down to arizona for spring training? you sit in the cold in april to see your terrible AL teams, but you wont come down to zona in the heat to take off yr shirt and watch baseball and nap in the grass. come and i’ll meet you down there.

Kris: What’s the Tony Pierce way to get over a breakup?

my way is to drink alot, take several trips to the liquor store and drink more. then finally get sick of moping and start using facebook the way al gore intended. worse thing anyone can do is not make out with someone new. of course thats what everyone does: sit around and dwell. thats usually when the drinking starts. or the voracious book reading, or tv watching, or working outting.

if i looked like you, id just walk outside for ten minutes with medium sized button on yr tshirt that says single in cursive. bet magic happens in eight minutes.

chris carnaghi: Bring back the Destroyers! Is this a permanent reunion!

not sure. it was a dream that became reality. at least for a little while. some say the video evidence will be here on wednesday, it was sent out to be developed. was shot on 8 millimeter. then we shot it with our nine millimeters. now we’re fixing it. so probably thurs. byt maybe weds.

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  1. Awesome Tony. Great news. Not only is it rocking music, with a great image. They are all super nice guys and your friends of course. Success is way over due.

  2. which series are you talking about? 
    if i remember correctly, the lakers had pau gasol during the 2008 playoffs (and they were blown out of the water)

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