ill never understand anything

i wonder if thats the point.

maybe you get to die when you have given up trying to discover the Answer.

i get upset over the weirdest things. i get people upset over the weirdest things.

i cry over the silliest things, and then i dont cry over the most horrible experiences.

like right now im seriously pissed off at Lost, but not at all concerned about the Cubs.

like right now i have no serious dates planned in the next month, but i couldnt be more content about my bachelor status.

like right now i have a dress shirt on and pajama bottoms and i couldnt be more comfortable.

likewise my tvs off, my radios off, my electric heater is rumbling, and my head is perfect, yet a cold beer, heavy metal, and Pardon the Interruption should be all bombarding my senses in just a few minutes.

i have an uncontrollable urge, america.

meanwhile tomdog our pal from way back in Isla Vista went to canada and all we got was this awesome video of DEVO

then he was in town for the Independent Spirit Awards and the Oscars and all we got were many tales and great photos.

yes @tomdog was here in Hollywood and we didnt hang, we didnt chill, he wasnt at andys bbq, and he wasnt on my doorstep waiting to have brunch up in the Feliz.

if you ever wanna party with me theres two ways to do it:

come to SXSW and stay a week.

and come over to my pad and knock on the door and have some maple syrup and an expense acct.

4 thoughts on “ill never understand anything

  1. hey tony, thought of you on the weekend when i was in this sketchy american bar drinking vodka and orange juice and eating tater tots with three dipping sauces and popcorn from a machine in the back…seven hundred ball games on as many tvs…love your (other) city! so much art and pizza, so little time…

  2. Hey Tony,
    Give Leah and I a call when you get to town next week.  We’ll break some bread together.  Quiet Company is an official SXSW artist this year as well, so you’ll have to come to one of our showcases.
    Love you

  3. last night, i ran into a friend who was at the olympics. we only had time for a quick chat, and the one story he told me was how awful that devo concert was.
    but i think that was a great video. i guess i should mention my friend is a middle aged rcmp officer there working security.

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