got my brakes did

why am i paying thousands on a car only worth thousands?

especially when i should just be trading it in for a lease on a hot sweet badass new car?

cuz you are reading the blog of the dumbest man alive who constantly gets robbed with every purchase he makes.

thats why.

also, im stupid.

4 thoughts on “got my brakes did

  1. As an over-paying Canadian, I am almost appalled.  You could be leasing sweet-ass wheels for pennies on our dollar.  No excuses, Tony… no excuses.

  2. Man. You okay? Very down on yourself lately. Paying too much for things is the american way which is why i live in china now. Anyways you probably are still paying less to maintain an older car then leasing a new one, plus your insurance will be more. You have to factor in all the expenses but as a very long time busblog reader i know you are not stupid. Buck up lil tone!

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