this sushi wasnt good

the service was fast, the price was ok. but everything we ate felt like it was left overs from thursday

and it was sunday.

heres why Foursquare is powerful – as bad as it was, the restaurant in question has no mayor.

which means if i simply go back for a drink then im its mayor.

but who wants to be mayor of somewhere pukey and terrible and dry and flavorless?

ive only been playing foursquare for a little over a month and im already mayor of 7 places, and i highly recommend them all:

+ El Gran Burrito (Los Angeles, CA)

+ Kanpai sushi (Los Angeles, CA)

+ KFC vine near sunset

+ Liliya China Bistro (Los Angeles, CA)

+ Mann Glendale Exchange 10 (Glendale, CA)

+ Origami Cafe (Los Angeles, CA)

+ Spitz – Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA)

saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday before the Oscars, and i liked it!

4 thoughts on “this sushi wasnt good

  1. I’ve had foursquare on my iPhone for months and only just got around to unlocking the newbie badge almost by accident… at Tony’s Barbershop in Silver Lake. I guess my next haircut I can be it’s mayor?

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