coachella attendees literally burned real dollars

as instructed by musicians

this has to be the oddest story ive heard coming out of this years coachella

according to Todd Martens and documented by these photos, the kids at coachella this weekend listened to a band leader id never heard of, and set fire to their own cold hard cash.

Nothing goes better with hot desert temperatures, a tired and possibly drunk or stoned crowd, than fire, right? Funk-soul revivalist King Khan instructed fans to pull out dollar bills, and then set them aflame. Ask, and you shall receive, and about two dozen fans in a cramped tent started raving flaming dollar bills, dropping them on the dry grass when the heat became too hot to handle. – Pop & Hiss

i guess if you just laid out $300 for tickets, a several hundred for lodging, and various amounts for travel and food, whats a few bucks aflame because KING KHAN TELLS YOU TO.

its not like you can buy anything there for a buck anyways.

photo of an unrelated burnt bull by see-ming lee via flickr

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