dear palm desert

i miss you

know why im happy today?

1. its 82 degrees
2. im employed
3. you are here reading my blog
4. i have my health
5. cuz the Cubs are gonna win their first game of the season today

and cuz my mommy loves me

tell me why youre happy

6 thoughts on “dear palm desert

  1. 1. I’m not dead
    2. Your blog is still alive and has cute girls on it
    3. I’m 31 and still get carded when buying alcohol
    4. I’m loved
    5. I’m missed

  2. I’m healthy
    I’m 42 and can pass for 30, on good days even less
    Summer is coming
    It’s already summer temperatures here
    I ate Sushi this week
    and you lurve me!

  3. 1. kim deth visited san francisco this past weekend!
    2. i don’t have to work anytime soon!!
    3. i am here commenting on your blog!!!
    4. i recently won some sorta fantasy basketball league!!!!
    5. baseball season is just getting started!!!!!

  4. As corny as it may be, nothing prevents or fights the blues better than a gratitude list.
    “Be grateful for the non-toothache.”
    – Thich Nhat Hahn

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