as you may know

our pal danielle has been unemployed for a while and its super hard on her

but she keeps it real, especially in her blog where she lets all her emotions out.

today she got this very interesting anonymous comment. pretty much not at all what i was expecting.

Been unemployed for 18 months. Didn’t qualify for unemployment. Finally got a job with Disney making $7.35 per hour to replace $52k. Took Jag back to dealership. Losing house. (Feeling better yet?) Oh, did I mention I have my Ph.d.? Two kids and a wife? My walk with God keeps me going. Hopefully, I can get a second job as a security guard. Today is my son’s 16 birthday. Hoping we can survive Orlando until he graduates in two years. Hang in there. Many are hurting right now and those who aren’t are worried sick that they soon will be.

just another reminder at how tough the times are right now.

2 thoughts on “as you may know

  1. yeah the whole deal is fishy. i was hoping he either forgot a 1 or his wife is a doctor. why would a phd think that his only option after working at disney would be to be a security guard?

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