happy first birthday Brand X!

and they said it wouldnt last.

brand x is motoring away and today they celebrate their first anniversary.

so proud of the young women and men who put together this weekly celebration of insightful features, profiles, news, and reviews that reach a slightly younger demographic than our flagship paper.

if only you knew how hard these folk work.

lemme put it this way, lets say its 9pm. lets say most of the building is gone. lets say youre walking through the second floor. there will be a Brand Xer or two plugging away. it might be Ali (above), it might be Deb, it might be Alex… you get the point

lemme put it another way. lets say its 6am. odds are Richard is blogging away for the blog. well before the dawns early light. well before yours truly even awakes. and sometimes he’s rockin before that time.

which all makes it not one bit surprising that their content is so solid and their success is consistent and sure. i heart them all.

the busblog approves of this birthday.

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