this is not a love song

i disagree with almost everything that johnny rotten sings about. but hes still a role model.

still a hero. still a standard by which i want to live up with. isnt that weird?

shouldnt you wanna be the opposite of who you disagree with?

PiL gave an unremarkable, uninspired show last night at the unispireable Club Nokia.

the place wasnt packed. the crowd was soft. there were no mohawks, no slam dancing,

very few signs of punk rock.

in fact in the middle of the show, in the Pit, we were asked by a gentleman to keep it down because our talking was disturbing him listening to the show.

i gave him a look that should have said “if my talking is ruining your punk rock, then your punk rock is limp cuz im not even talking that loudly.”

but we took his advice and adjourned to the back of the “club” and hung out at the bar. and talked more.

it was a boring show and anyone who chooses this weekend to skip Jay-Z and “rock” to PiL is in for a sorry let down. the ship has sailed. the revolution is over.

the most dangerous band in the world has lost their danger.

johnny is clearly happy, which we all know is the end of art.

which is ok, cuz i was able to have some really good conversations, unmolested.

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