its official, the LA Times has the best heds in America

Headlines mean so much to a newspaper as for the most part people scan the heds and the pictures and read the captions on the photos before they dive into the stories.

Most people don’t realize that the writers rarely write the headlines, that duty goes to the Copy Editors. This morning our copy desk, for the second year in a row, won the top team headline prize from the American Copy Editors Society.

Here are some of their award-winning headlines:

Dave Bowman

In the
of tag,
he’s it

Street artist Mister Cartoon has found his scrawl space: movie
billboards, custom cars, video games. He gives them all ‘cred.’

Blake Hennon

The tie that binds them
Players from 1968’s Harvard-Yale classic, with its
29-29 final score, reminisce in a winning documentary.

Paul Ybarrondo

Two wings and a prayer
All 155 on board survive as jet loses power, lands in Hudson River

Laura Dominick

work if
you can
avoid it

The ‘funemployed’ — jobless, mostly single folks in their 20s and 30s — are opting to hit the beach instead of punch the clock.

Jennifer Karmon

Group of 20 summit may
give Obama 19 headaches

Dave Bowman

Pageant rocked on its high heels
Miss California USA organizers say Carrie Prejean
hijacked the event to spread her views on marriage.

Jennifer Karmon

off to

His concession on a public insurance option boosts
the chances for his overall healthcare effort.

Dave Bowman

A circuit
bard for

Computerese isn’t the only language in the capital of high tech.
Today, the ‘Hollywood for engineers’ unveils its first poet laureate.

Laura Dominick

Nevada is checking under the mattress for cash
A lawmaker wants to legalize brothels in Reno and Las Vegas.

Kevin Leung

Thanks, see you earlier, Leno says

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