the like are back

and just shot this video in a formerly gay bar thats now not

– alecia is still vacationing in thailand and spent $6 on a jay, but not $15 on sunscreen

– how many medical marijuana facilities are fixin to be shut down? over 420. heres a map of em all.

– theres one more hot canadian girl in canada now (officially)

– smelly danielly is now a quarter century old and has the best hair for hair shows

– say what you want about terry richardson, but he hangs out with some weird and wonderful young directors

– want passwords for the Roger Waters The Wall Tour? fine. but tickets are $250 each. EACH!

– dodger stadium took a baseball bat away from a 75 year old woman who used it to help her climb the stairs

– here i thought i knew everything about McDonalds. but jessica teaches us the extra value of the newly created McGangbang that has all the kids in a frenzy. i’m lovin it.

– that hockey mom you love to hate sure got hated on this week and called a traitor. for what ever reason why? ask our pals at Wonkette: “Useless snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin stepped in it yesterday, did she ever. She had the gall to endorse crazy failed CEO Carly Fiorina in the California Senate race, on her Facebook page.”

– are you watching the two young ladies in Chile who blog and tell us everything about it? this week we learned about how Chile parties when the attendees are over 40, and we also learn how men are far more chivalrous in chile

– and finally, ever worry about getting married because what happens if you get divorced and hafta pay alimony and what not? imagine youre the owner of the (currently) last-place dodgers. and imagine your wife wants to divorce you for signing manny ramirez. then imagine you actually end up divorcing her and the judge figures out how much money you make and figures out how much to give your wife. then imagine that total is the equivalent of a pretty nice sized house Every Month.

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