why do we love cute things?

we know we shouldnt. we know its a trap.

anniston was so in love with pitt.

cub fans are so in love with wrigley.

fish are so intrigued by the worm on the hook.

LA is so beautiful it tricks you into believing that bad isnt so bad because look at that palm tree next to it.

check out that car.

i think the main reason i liked Prince of Persia was because i had no idea what it was about and zero expectations.

it was able to be judged all on its own.

the only thing i knew about it was that jake gylllenhall was in it. didnt know the director or that bruckhymer had anything to do with it.

i hadnt even played the video game it was based on.

but it was good. surprisingly good.

on its own.

it wont win any awards, it wont win the weekend box office,

indeed it will probably soon be forgotten and tucked away into disneys deep vaults.

hidden behind cute things


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