you’ll see some crazy things driving down the streets of Los Angeles

this, for example, is a storefront i noticed the other day while driving down Fairfax Blvd. about 10 minutes east of Beverly Hills.

yes, a medical marijuana establishment claiming that none of their items cost more than $45.

is that a good value? who knows? sadly ive never touched the stuff nor ever bought any, so how would i know. it sounds like theyre bragging about it, so it must be a great deal. any experts in the peanut gallery?

speaking of the devils weed, i have a friend who landed a job as a Census Taker. he was telling me all these horror stories (off the record because the job is surprisingly confidential) and none of the tales fascinated me as much as this one: that everywhere he walks he smells that aroma that most of us only experience at Pink Floyd concerts. no not money being burned to listen to the same old same old we’ve all memorized by now, but mary jane!

it made me want to interview mail men, plumbers, and delivery boys to see if all of LA had the same “problem”. unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) i live in a part of Hollywood in very close proximity to one of the largest churches in town. So any time that I am walking all i ever smell are the scents of freshly laid turds by the neighborhood dogs.

or pee from the homeless.

it was fascinating to read about the results of the elections held around our great nation last night because change continues to sweep this fine land. and it will be interesting to see, if marijuana becomes legal, if the aromas on one side of town will drift out of the windows of homes all around town. i cant imagine any of that happening (legalization, or mass smoking), but id be curious how people react to such a noticeable change if indeed change comes to town.

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