im sure that todays birthday of Snoop Doggy Dog was just a co-ince-double-ence

but today LA Times columnist Steve Lopez wrote about his very unique experience of being given (along with KABC radio host Peter Tilman) two different strains of marijuana by the LAPD and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

and then given the keys of an undercover cop car

and then allowed to drive a pretty interesting obstacle course

to see if smoking weed impairs your driving.

the results? a lot of laughing and an unending amount of jokes in today’s Page 2 column

a sample of “He’s a Train Wreck behind the wheel”

A few hits later, I suggested to Tilden that we roll a vehicle, come out holding our necks, sue everyone and retire, but that was the dope talking. Tilden had forgotten his rolling papers, so I gave him my Bob Marley wrappers and Officer Leffert expertly rolled a fat one for him.

“What are you, Rastafarian?” Tilden asked the officer. “Look at the size of that blunt.”

One of us, after several strong hits on a second joint, was now giggling like a high school sophomore, and it wasn’t Tilden or the cops. I believe Train Wreck may be from the sativa rather than indica species of pot. Sativa is said to give you a spacey surge instead of a drowsy body buzz. This could explain why, when I saw southern division CHP commander Kevin Gordon approaching to see if we were ripped yet, I stood on one foot for him, as if taking a sobriety test while puffing away and laughing like a hyena.

“Are you having fun?” asked Nelms, the drug recognition expert.

What, is that a crime, officer?

When we were driven back down the hill and I slid into an unmarked Crown Vic for my driving test, I couldn’t resist the urge to play a little prank. I revved the engine, shifted into forward and jerked forward in the direction of the gathering, honking the horn like a lunatic as Trutanich and the others prepared to scatter.

Read the whole thing, as they say, it’s fascinating, funny, and weirdly scientific.

Can’t wait for the faux outrage in the comments and the blogosphere.

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