bill plaschke has had a pretty good week

on tuesday he wrote an Anti-Michael Vick story that has been shared over 71,000 times on Facebook.

today he wrote an eye-opening column on Big Joe McDonnell who despite consistently getting sports exclusives hasnt had a radio host gig in years and has sadly been relegated to quickie news updates on KNX newsradio.

he’s lost hundreds of pounds and, unfortunately, his momentum.

Plaschke frames Big Joe’s weight thusly:

Joe McDonnell weighed 740 pounds. That is not a misprint. Visiting players would gasp. Insensitive fans would jeer. Everywhere he lumbered, somebody would stare.

He was so big, local teams gave him a special chair without arms so he could sit at their press tables and eat in their press rooms. He was so big, his size eventually became part of his name.

Big Joe. The Big Nasty. For nearly two decades beginning in the early 1980s, the radio personality eclipsed the Los Angeles sports-talk radio scene with his information, insight and indomitable presence.

hard to believe he cant find any love at ESPNLA or Sat radio.

video from 2008

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