i was totally ok with not going to Coachella this year

guns on sunsetuntil i saw this this morning driving down Sunset

in fact i turned around to take a picture for you.

why wasnt i going to Coachella? omg let me count the ways

  • im a million years old,
  • it cost a million dollars,
  • the kids who actually do go should be allowed to listen to their music unadulterated
  • beers cost a million dollars,
  • id rather see these bands play in clubs and arenas
  • Lord knows if Guns don’t kill each other they’ll play at the Hollywood Bowl at some point (which will also cost a million dollars, but i can take the subway there)
  • f lcd soundsystem who retired for like 1 second
  • f calvin harris
  • f the way they make you walk a million miles to get an uber

but look at that billboard.

it makes me wonder, will they come out on fire?

will Buckethead join them onstage?

will Tommy Stinson get to jam with Duff

will Elton John show up for Don’t Cry?

will Axl bring his crutches and american flag shorts?

will they let poor Steven Adler play?

and what about Izzy? The heart of those first few records. Will Izzy show up and make it a real reunion? i sorta want those answers and see it live, not through some webcast on my iPad mini as i uber the kids through Palm Desert.

i would like to be welcomed to the jungle

but still, im not so sure.


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