january 2016 in review

legs in bathcar broke

computer broke

made good money on new years eve

brunched with ali and aj

watched hella Making a Murderer

watched even more Fargo

had sex with a pretty girl

el nino came in the beginning and end of jan and tons of stuff ended up in the river

but there were rainbows

started a thing where i watch a classic movie every week. classic meaning olde. it started with imitation of life, then it was love in the afternoon, then it was belle de jour, and tonight it was city lights

drove around the assistant for Rae Sremmurd which was probs the ride of the month

got excited that Guns n Roses will be at Coachella

sampled the new mozzarella sticks at mcdonalds for you

bowie died and it hit everyone pretty hard

had to be at work at 4am one day, a photo essay

quoted matthew 7:5 on the internet in an unusual example of thug life

wore a hat on national hat day

realized that taylor swift is going to do a surprise set at coachella this april, probs weekend one and i wont be there

solved global warming, sorry cubs

tried to write this thing but instead watched a couple of docs including The Wolfpack which was amazing like omg

she asked why do you have two tvs in your bedroom

a judge said dov cant run american apparel no more which means there wont be american apparel no more

got very upset with my former love

went to the lakers game with chris and dave and totally told the usher lady in the good seats, no it’s good

saw the martian and then the revenant and at first i thought the rev would win all the oscars, now im not sure

some of the differences between when i did college newspapering and how they do it now

got two tickets for springsteen doing all of the river but theyre in the very back row up in the sky

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