katy perry strolled over and said how long you been sick

katy perryi was all, im not sick, im fit as a fiddle.

she said i can even see through bs. how long have you been sick?

she had her hair up like i like it, a full tray of adult beverages including my favorite

a thick stout salt rimmed glass filled to the brim with margarita.

it was blue with a gold top.

or was that her.

i said for so long.

she said the only way out is through, but that you knew.

she asked why do you have two tvs in your bedroom

i said because i havent saved enough for the third.

even though we’re allegedly in the middle of el nino, it hadnt rained in a while and we even had the window open

the drapes floated in the breeze

and i hopped up to refresh the drinks.

all i knew was the kittens seemed so happy just snoozing on the leather couch in the living room not giving one care what was happening over there.

or over there

or there

or here

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