yesterday i had an idea, last night a vision, this morning a dream

london falling

first let me tell you about my dream. i never dream. the xbi cut that problem out of my head.

but every now and then they try to telecast something in there to f with me and it does because its startling.

secondly let me tell you i love you. i do. and im sorry ive been such a failure lately. thats ending.

in the dream we were looking out at a nice swimming pool. in the pool was this computer graphic

it sorta looked like the Academy Award. it was huge. and i was all, how are you doing that, it looks so real.

was it a hologram? was it some weird 3D rendering? as a journalist till i die, i got into the pool to touch it.

when i did, it turned toward me and sort of wilted and then drowned.

suddenly everyone was extremely upset with me and all these storm troopers marched into the pool with me

but every time i touched one of them they too would wither and drown

then Darth Vader showed up. Then another Darth Vader, a lamer, more emo one.

so i got the f out of the pool and hid.

hiding in dreams, just like in life, is a worthless exercise.

i tried to blend in but all the people around me, who seemed to be sorta slow, robotic, but sweet

just went about their dealings while announcing what they were doing

mopping the floor. floor two, building nine. looking up. building nine. who is this? anthony pierce.

anthony pierce?

anthony pierce.


i was in major shit for killing all those things in the pool!

and then i woke up.

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