its crazy what happened with my mind last night

i just hit a solid rock. i could not work to save my life. i would have been better off ubering all night.

finally i reached out to pure, above, and told her

whats great about her is she does not gaf so she could either ignore it or commiserate or anything

i said, after this episode i think i need a break,

she never takes breaks. and i hate breaks. i know im alone in this marathon but i wanna set records. records that will never be broken by one person.

which is an insane goal because everything gets broken.

and with tech, its gonna be way easier for the youngsters.

i hadnt done any face tweaks in a while bc i was so busy so tonight after i finished what i wanted i told the computer to give me marilyn monroe in front of the berlin wall then i told it to swap faces with pure’s and other than some slight adjustments with her teeth holy moly

by the end of the year theres no way its not doing video.


the episode is up on youtube.

dude was great. he’s a freemason.