citizens of Toronto, you have lent me your ears

things turned out right and I was on your radio waves tonight at 7:00 pm on the Jeff Marek show on

Mojo Radio 640 on your AM dial.

Thank you Jeff for having me as a guest. It was totally a thrill.

Somehow I am an Anna Kournikova expert. And I am now officially a Blogger since Jeff introduced me as such!

It’s true. i’m a big fan of hers and I follow her athletic career here, and only recently have I allowed this blog to get blogged down with her off-court news, but Canadians, you’ll get to hear my nasaly snarl which i promise you is a hundred times more soothing than Drudge’s.

I have many Canadian readers to this blog.

I’m not sure how that all happened, but it has.

Now I suspect I will have more.

That makes me very happy.

Oh, Anna, your gifts are endless.

btw, I just picked up my copy of the soon to be banned Penthouse and nearly got sticker shock. Guccionne knew it wasnt Anna and yet he is selling it for $8.99. eBay is selling it for $20 right now, so get it at the newstands while you can.

why, oh why, dont people send me gift subscriptions any longer?

otis blackwell died monday,

he was 70,

he wrote “don’t be cruel”

You know I can be found,

sitting home all alone,

If you can’t come around,

at least please telephone.

Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true.

Baby, if I made you mad

for something I might have said,

Please, let’s forget the past,

the future looks bright ahead,

Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true.

I don’t want no other love,

Baby it’s just you I’m thinking of.

Don’t stop thinking of me,

don’t make me feel this way,

Come on over here and love me,

you know what I want you to say.

Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true.

Why should we be apart?

I really love you baby, cross my heart.

Let’s walk up to the preacher

and let us say I do,

Then you’ll know you’ll have me,

and I’ll know I’ll have you too,

Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true.

I don’t want no other love,

Baby it’s just you I’m thinking of.

thanks to all the people who forwarded me the links about the alleged Anna K. pictures. turns out the pics are 7 years old and that of Judith Soltesz-Benetton, the wife of one of the famous Benettons. A judge ordered Penthouse to stop selling the mags, which now means that the issue which was yesterday pretty worthless because the pics weren’t Anna is now a collectors edition since it was yanked off the shelves.

Also, mad props to Rabbit, who Blogger has decided to honor as a “Blog of Note.” Mad props to Blogger for not only honoring this worthy blog, but for doing so despite the somewhat spicy subject matter and curious URL.

today is traci lords’s birthday

and i ask you, what are you going to do to celebrate it?

traci, as we know, is famous for not only being a superstar adult actress but for being the most famous underage porn star. she has since done what most have failed to do and that is to cross over to “mainstreamfilms, notably John Waters’s “Cry-baby,” and the original “Blade.”

Traci also had a short, but successful recording career, and she even appeared on television as Rikki on “Melrose Place,” and on “Roseanne.”

Born Nora Louise Kuzma, today Traci turns 34.

and still i ask you what will you do to celebrate it?

will you just go through another day getting older and more conservative and safe and dull and predictable, or will you take life by the horns like a wild teenager pissed off and reckless; clueless, yet focused; innocent and wise, naughty and nice; actually, not so nice.

or will you just come home from your day and watch more tv.

when i look back at some of the birthdays that i have celebrated i can remember in great detail the large chunks of waste where i sat around waiting for something or hoping for something or wondering about things, or just being. there wasnt much actual living. just a pace being set and some awkardly unfortunate followthrough, like a pebble that had been kicked down a shit hill and it might think its going somewhere but its just a slave to the motion. theres no movement. theres no energy. theres not even a spark.

consider this your spark. it’s traci lords day.

and if things dont go so well, dont worry, there will be plenty more days to just go through the motions and be safe. i swear.