a year ago, nearly to the day

this very webpage interviewed a young canadian living in texas named Leah who had a cool webpage called “spit on a stranger.”

she still does, and Blogger decided on Friday to name her site Blog of Note.

not long ago i wrote about Rabbit and sure enough she wound up as the Blog of Note weeks afterwards.

So Blogger, here’s all the other things I wrote about last May, maybe you want to dig around there for some more material…while leaving me out of the mix.

For those of you who don’t remember, last year I started employment at my work and OJ interviewed me and we discussed Anna Kournikova well before her nude? pictures came out.

Last year there were birthday tributes to both Mary and Karisa.

There were FBI stories, pics of friends, amy got married, I gave much love to my moms, and Buffy got slayed.

Oh, and how could I forget, I met Ashley for the first time.

And speaking of her, if we are to believe the photograph is of her, Miss Irvine 2002 now has a tattoo thanks to her bed buddy, Rocko.

Pretty much the same stuff we cover now, we covered then.

No wonder Blogger isnt interested in me.

today is the wedding anniversary of two of the coolest people ever

i know, i know, i cant go one day without slobberring over my friends, but if you had friends like these you’d be doing the same damn thing, so step.

greg and i knew each other in the dorms. he was quiet. little did i know that he spoke with his guitar and his paint brush, but i’d learn that later.

molli and i crossed paths in school too, i dont know how, though, that whole 7 years was just a pleasant blurry buzz but i remember that she was not quiet but always had a smile and new shitloads about music, so she got my respect immediately.

molli tells about their romance beautifully in her blog, it’s sticky sweet so bring a toothbrush for afterwards, but i cannot believe that it was three years ago that we were all invited to Frisco for the best country-rock wedding of all time.

i danced and danced and danced and danced. something i never do. and i wasnt the only one. we were all very happy that two perfect people who were even more perfect together were doing exactly what they should have been doing.

one reason that i moved into Layne’s old pad was cuz i could be closer to these cool kids, but alas, they moved to a spectacular home, but im stoked that we still get to see each other a lot.

happy anniversary greg and molli, im sure there are many more to come.

p.s. dont tell anyone but i think shes got a bun in the oven.

people have called me an innovator

and that makes me happy, even though i disagree.

but this morning im going to do something that i believe has never been done before.

now, im no runway model, or rugged pretty boy musician, but somehow i can find dates here in LA.

i’ve asked girls out in person, on the phone, via email– ive even had success passing notes.

so today im going to ask a girl out via my Blog.

and i will do it without even naming her name.


dear single girl,

we’ve met each other. we’ve swapped some emails. we’ve had some drinks.

the last email i wrote weeks ago i said that i’d hang out with you and you never wrote back.

probably shy.

that’s okay, i like shy girls.

but i dont think youre so shy.

this is what i want, i want to go out with you one night soon. as in very soon.

all you have to do is email me back with your phone number and i’ll ask you properly.

you know it will be fun.


we have a new Stone Pimp!

no, not you Fidel, or you Jimmy, i have no problems with either of you, in fact you’re both showing a lot of chutzpah for being men about this whole thing and getting it together, but neither of you has flowed $40 or more into the Snoop Fund like SP did so…

That’s right, last night SP became a Stone Pimp and I was more than pleasantly surprised because I haven’t been hyping the Fund in a while and it’s nice to know that you dont have to constantly be holding your hand out to get someone else’s hard-earned samolians.

Thank you SP.

I’m speechless.