let’s get back to normal

ok, ive vented, you’ve gotten to vent, some of you even had some rather direct bits of advice for me and my friend. i appreciate your input but let’s all be gentlemen and ladies and lets head into the weekend with some positivity. shall we?

i might be the only straight guy who regularilly reads Ru Paul’s blog on a daily basis, but i love his style and he leads an interesting lifestyle and we both adore Mariah and “Glitter”. as can be expected, other than our boyhood pictures (scroll down) that’s where the similarities end.

likewise, i agree with the most famous cross dresser in his most recent post where he says that he’s pretty sure that when he looks back at these current times that he probably wont look at them as “the best years” of his life.

as much as i think he’s probably right, i think that means that we should work extra hard to make these times the best ever.

we already have a standard by which to judge, and most of us have the means, therefore, all that is lacking is the desire.

the best years of my life were in college where i met my friends and did a lot of the same things that i do now, so whats stopping me from now hanging with my friends more and doing what we did then?

and dont say Dick’s $150 million cuz we dont need that.

all we need is the desire to rock like we have never rocked and ru paul, thank you for the impetitus to get our asses up and out.

in a few hours im going to have some happy hour cocktails with a few hotties down the street, maybe that will segue to appetizers at a swank little bar with the Lakers on the big screen, and this weekend perhaps a roadtrip along the coast culminating in some sand, sea, surf.

the world is ours, good people.

lets show them how its done.

otherwise, you know, the terrorists win.

the LA Times is so bad, i dont even read it in the john,

but after my weekly lunch trip to Baja Fresh, i saw today’s calander section right where it belonged: on the soiled floor in the last stall of the men’s room.

and there on the bottom of the front page was a nice article [password req’d: use laexaminer, password: laexaminer ] about the madness that ensued when those who actually did pay $60 for the right to buy $65 Stones tickets at the Wiltern WERENT ABLE TO BECAUSE THE SAM GOODY SITE CRASHED.

And then they revealed the truth that even if you did shell out the $60 to Sam Goody there were so few pre-sale tickets alloted to the Sam Goody malarkey that the Wiltern tickets disappeared “almost immediately.”

meaning, immediately.

there is one way to piss me off and that is to make it hard for me to see my favorite bands live.

i live an honest life. i work at an honest job where i do work that helps people. i save up my money so that i can blow it in a few hours, not with a hooker, but listening to the finest music created played by the original artists.

to have AssholeMaster find more people to gangrape me and then not even deliver on the promises that they made to those who were foolish enough to pay them is completely outrageous.

Microsoft went through hell to prove that they were not a monopoly, i would do anything, sign anything, PAY anything to make Ticketmaster go through the same shit.

in this era of computers and printers and etc. i wouldnt even mind if the government had a series of centralized computers RUN BY TEENAGERS that doled out the tickets to these shows for a minimal price.

why teenagers? because they know how to work fucking computers. why the government? because if im going to be fucked royally i want to know who is doing it to me.

i dont write any of this so that anyone will feel sorry for me or get me into the show, i’ll get into the show. i write this so i can get this off my chest and so that someone will tell someone in Washington that something is severely fucked with the system when Joe Sixpack cant see the rock band of his choosing after working for the man.

worried about riots, fuckers? keep making it tougher and tougher for a guy to take his wife and kids to see a sporting event, make it impossible for that guy to take even his mistress to see a rock concert, and watch what happens when that dude has no other way to get his ya ya’s out other than to drink his legally begotten booze, and carry his legally begotten weapon.

the purpose of the bread and circuses was to distract the prolatariat, not tease them into a frenzy and force him to rebel.

it’s friday, i should be happy

and in many ways i am, but heres the scamola of the day. if you didnt think that Ticketmaster couldnt get scummier, they’ve teamed up with — before i finish this, let me tell you something, even though I know in Heaven everything will be sweet and cute and probably a lot like a few juicy hits of Ecstacy where, i’m told, you dont have an agressively evil thought or action, when i meet the Good Lord and after he shows me around the place, I will ask him to escort me to the deepest pit of Hell where I will be able to meet face-to-face the merciless demons that run Ticketmaster so that i can do so many evil things to their psyche and soul that even He will grimace at the creativity and mercilessness that i can deliver.

oh, yes, i can deliver that too.

so anyhow, Devilmaster has teamed up with Sam Goody, the fucks who own Musicland or whoever, who bought Licorice Pizza Records, my first cool job… UGH@!!! they teamed up to find more ways to completely SCREW the concert-going public who actually work for a living.

Instapundit! Professor Booty! Prof. Volokh, how can Ticketmaster be allowed to continue their monopoly and not only charge ridiculous fees, but then charge me $14.50 for a $9 two day UPS shipping, plus they charge a $3.50 handling fee on top of their Conveniece Fees…

but let’s get to the point, which is so hard to do because im seething.

The Rolling fucking Stones are going to play one night only in one of the coolest music halls in America, the Wiltern. A place that I pass every damn day on my way to work.

In order to get those tickets, you have to pay Sam Goody $60 for the right to have them tell you when FuckerMaster is having one of their slimy Internet Pre-Sales.

And then — only if Sam Goody choses you, you will have the opportunity to buy two Stones tickets to the intimate show before the two left over tickets behind the pole go on sale to the public.

But who’s kidding who?

Ticketmaster has a huge tower on Sunset Blvd. right across the street from the Tower on Sunset.

The Wiltern isnt tiny (2,000 seats?), but every industry hack and every Ticketmaster/Sam Goody/Virgin Records ponytail gladhand will figure out a way to get in, which leaves, what, 5-6 tickets to your average guy on the street?

I can’t even finish this post im so pissed off.

it’s my first girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow

o of course i’m gonna write about her, because she’s still one of the best friends that i have, and shes also the coolest friend that ive had for the longest time.

when things go wrong she always thinks its her fault, but it’s never her fault.

i think about heaven a lot and i know that in heaven there will be angels and angels and angels and they will need someone to hang out with and i will not be surprised if that person will be my dear friend because even angels need someone to look up to.

i think one of the reasons that i have always had good relationships with girlfriends is cuz my first one was so perfect and sweet and honest and was based in pure friendship and all the sappy things that you’d expect from two super shy midwestern catholic kids who both now live in southern california.

magically, tomorrow mary turns 26 but she doesnt look a day over 19. so today i wish her an early happy birthday and a very much deserved mother’s day.

may you all have someone as cool in your life as my dear friend.

and ps, Blogger sucks i cant wait to move to moveable type