these days are just speeding by

if i was dick riordan i would just give my friends the money and hang on cuz life goes fast and my friends are about to soar.

sad thing about the former mayor, who owns the best diner in LA, whose waiters are ex-cons ive been told– if he doesnt finance the newspaper, my friends will find financing themselves and in knocking down the Times a few notches, they will utterly destroy any conservative courageousless competition in its way, specifically run by someone who got their undies in a bunch and lit a fire under their asses.

yesterday Rabbit hinted a nice hint about how she would want to write for the boys, Cathy Seipp gave a taste of how she would write for the new daily, Ben would make a great Business section editor but i like his tech stuff way better, Ru Paul could cover West Hollywood and you laugh but when did the Times ever pay any attention to one of the few real neighborhoods in this city and weho is wonderful, mc brown should have a weekly music column (as should kate) but marc could take pictures too, Bathtub Girl could give everyone massages and provide the ambient tunes, of course there would be illustrations and comics from todd, chris scheer could cover the LA Raiders even though they’ve moved to Oakland, emmanuelle would add a little je ne sais pas class, oh and ken and matt would cover the city in a way that hasnt happened in quite a while.

who knows, such a paper might even bring superstars like bonnie, charlie, and dooce out of retirement.

i’d be bummed if Drudge was invited, but im a team player, i would just go about my business, secretly thinking that a. beam is ten times better.

but dick, think about it, you even entertain the notion that middle aged guys with wives kids and mortgages can change the world, but when has that ever been the case outside of war? it’s the kids that make the difference and according to the rings around my trunk ive got about 15 more minutes to be a kid.

and why even bother listening to those in the established circles of journalism? of course they’re going to tell you that it’s a bad idea to compete head-to-head with the Times. those are the people who would look the most foolish if a paper did come out of nowhere and kicked ass– they’d look like the lazy slackers that they are.

there are only a handful of magical superstars who can do the job that you say you want done and we’re all right here right now for a reason, and never has that reason been louder or clearer until you showed up with your crazy little vision.

… and just imagine the web site.

me, i would cover the women’s tennis association.

because that dodger thing was messed up,

im going to keep it up one more day now that it’s fixed. thanks charlie and kenny b. for your help.

tonight i thawed some frozen shrimp, added seasoning and made Shrimp D’ George on my newly acquired George Foreman grill. who doesnt like grilled shrimp?

served with a can of green beans and a baked potato, i really cant complain with the results.

anna lost in croatia yesterday. i didnt want to bring it up, but i thought i probably should.

ask me what color her top was.

go ahead.


why are these chicks so stubborn? what exactly is the point being made? that you will suffer to prove your independence?

we’re all independent.

now just put on the white top… burn the blue one! all you do is lose in that one… put on the white top and swallow your pride and win.

and smile.

karisa’s birthday is saturday. her mom and sister came out. we’re going to see sammy sosa tonight.

we’ve done so many things together its hard to believe ive only known her two years.

shes a killer friend and a wonderful person and i hope sammy waves at her mom.