crazy weekend, crazy week

and to be honest even though the good parts were super good, the bad parts were super bad and if i had to take away the good parts so that i wouldnt have to deal with the bad parts, i would. how fucked up is that?

went to a hollywood hills party the other night and an after party a few houses away from the original.

the first house had all the things you’d want plus a house full of dogs: from little ones to a great dane. but the best part of the house was the secret unfinished unused rooms on the lower floors that would be fun to explore late at night in the dark because they seemed haunted. this man’s house was so big that he hardly ever went in there and it showed and that made it very cool.

second best part of the house was the garage that not only had a full line of tools and a complete workshop, but a Bentley convertible and a Corvette.

the neighbor’s house was even bigger. i cant even begin to describe this place other than to say it was perfectly decorated and had a view of los angeles that i have never seen even a celebrity have. but the point of all of this isnt to look back at wonder or awe or even jealousy but to say that many people who live in big places like this have a slanted outlook at the world. they’re messed up in one way or another. but im glad to report that neither is the case in these examples.

both gentlemen who hosted the parties were happy and healthy and generous with their homes to their guests. the booze flowed, the music played, the ladies danced.

even the helicopter ride was fun.