people have called me an innovator

and that makes me happy, even though i disagree.

but this morning im going to do something that i believe has never been done before.

now, im no runway model, or rugged pretty boy musician, but somehow i can find dates here in LA.

i’ve asked girls out in person, on the phone, via email– ive even had success passing notes.

so today im going to ask a girl out via my Blog.

and i will do it without even naming her name.


dear single girl,

we’ve met each other. we’ve swapped some emails. we’ve had some drinks.

the last email i wrote weeks ago i said that i’d hang out with you and you never wrote back.

probably shy.

that’s okay, i like shy girls.

but i dont think youre so shy.

this is what i want, i want to go out with you one night soon. as in very soon.

all you have to do is email me back with your phone number and i’ll ask you properly.

you know it will be fun.


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