today is the national spelling bee competition

when i was a kid i lost on “thorough”.

more symbolic than you think.

on one hand i look at these kids and im sorry for them cuz they look like theyre going through so much pain, but then on the other hand you look at these kids and they’re not jocks, theyre not politicians, theyre not rockers, this is their one moment of glory, and when was the last time you were on ESPN?

semi-new hot chick came over to my house last night.

shes been doing that a lot lately.

tonight we’re going to go to see Elvis Costello at the new Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland – where they had the Academy Awards this year.

then we’re not gonna fool around any more.

two weeks, and just like that, over.

if i was in control of any of this, you’d all call me names like womanizer, etc., words that i doubt they’ll use during today’s Bee.

instead, since im pretty much the victim of all of this, the correct spelling would be l-o-s-e-r.

the only difference between me and these 12 year olds is i dont have on khaki’s, a polo shirt, or the brainpower to spell.

but tomorrow night, just like them, i will go to sleep alone.


can you use serotinal in a sentence please?

“enjoy the happy smiles given by the hotties here at the end of the spring, dumbass, because youre about to hit the serotinal flipside.”



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