too much good stuff

theres so much tonypierce hype you’d think that im starring in Spider-Man.

not only are hot chicks who havent returned my calls in months finally returning my calls, but look at this crazy list of unforseen oddities:

dawn olsen interviews me here, so layne links it meaning it’ll get read by millions, thanks bro.

a. beam is tracking my every move. at least now i know my shadow’s name.

the honolulu weekly listed me with those in “NOT A LIST OF ANGRY WHITE MALEBLOGGERS.”

im being linked in Turkey – which might explain the 300,000+ hits i got yesterday.

the good people at mojo radio in Toronto (640 AM “talk radio for guys”) interviewed me yesterday and kept calling me “Hollywood journalist Tony Pierce.” making me decide that unless you have a press pass you’re not a journalist, but it was nice.

the ego had been stroked very nicely and then sara who just returned from the Kentucky Derby told me that if she had followed my advice she would have picked the longshot winner.

well, duh.

you think i read bukwoski just to steal his style?

so with all this good luck coming my way, what will i do with it?

i will send all my good vibes to ashley in hopes that one of the many cuteboys that cross her path sees the supercoolness that i see in her.

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