there are angels everywhere

so watch out cuz they’re coming after you.

and they’re gonna soak you in good vibes and love and pleasant dreams and funny jokes and careful whispers and happinesses and bliss.

they might be named chris or mary or ben or harry. they’re sneaky and fast and if you’re not paying attention they might walk right past you just like the fishies do when you’re snorkeling in hawaii. they’re everywhere, all around you, all around me too.

people say the devil’s in the details, but even the devil was an angel who lost his way, so it’s okay.

this one angel let me kiss her the other day and it was technically just a peck but it was more than enough.

people always forget that sometimes the dumbest things can send you tumbling into a shitty mood, and what they forget is the reverse is also true. a little smile, a tiny note, the way someone says your name can totally make your day.

the angels float around pretending to be working at banks or tucked away in cubicles, but you know the ones im talking about. they’re not that good at hiding out. they’re here on vacation and a hundred years is nothing if you’re in heaven forever and who doesn’t want to spend that long being a johnny appleseed of good deeds in the bossmans favorite galaxy.

bmg just sent me five miles davis cds, norah jones and wilco and all i gotta pay is shipping and handling.

the teenage angels call me and call me and call me and then hush up when i finally answer, shy like they didnt think id ever say hello outside of a chat.

they don’t care what color my skin is or how low my fro is or how many moons ive seen come and go, they know its all about the sunsets anyway.

come out and play they say.

come over and lets let our minds wander.

come over and lez be friends.

i want a slumber party one of them told me today with just you and me and everything i was born with. and that’s not the details talking ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that’s trust, and trust is something from way up high. higher than you think.

and angels love to drink.

two of them came over tonight.

two of them held my hand tight.

two of them told me all the things i needed to hear.

and they answered the door for me while i was in the can and it was the academy with punch drunk love but i was so sleepy from all that drinking and they said take a quick nap and we’ll watch tv.

and they tucked me in all cute, kissed my forehead, and woke me up after about twenty minutes and i was refreshed and we watched it all together and they each said now write, write, tell everyone about us, no one will believe it anyway.

and i said okay.

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