the other day i was being interviewed by the Blacker Panthers.

theyre like the xbi except cooler, and all black.

only problem is they dont have chopper one, the finest flying machine ever to wind up in the right hands.

he read my resume and asked me if i was, like amy said, part of the santa barbara mafia.

i told him that if i were ever to get a tatto, i would get a huge old english typefaced 93117 across my broad back, and the italicized Daily Nexus branded on my arm.

the Nexus was the student run college paper of ucsb. a daily paper with no adult supervision, no administration interference, plenty of advertising, for a campus that didnt even have one journalism class.

annual winners of the california intercollegiate press association awards, we accepted our plaques and trophies in dresses and makeup as kegs chilled in our awaiting hotel rooms. jacuzzis and makeout sessions, music at all times, everyone was brilliant.

and unlike great college athletic teams, none of us were recruited. it was all a beautiful accident. and a ridiculous amount of us see each other all the time.

amy mentioned Matt Welch, Ben Sullivan, Doug Arellanes, Chris Scheer, Os Tyler, Steve Czaban, Adam Liebowitz, Don Frances most of Tsar and Marc Brown, though he was primarily a radio guy, but she left out Nexus photographer Genevive Field.

Genevive is co-founder of a little site called, maybe your single’s ad is on it.

Easilly the smartest site about sex and sensualtiy on the web, filled with some of the finest photographs and writing on human relations, Nerve just could be the most under-reported shining star on the net.

Despite this oversight (maybe she was only pointing to mafiosos with blogs, or who host blogs), Amy is my hero because she’s so baddass that has made a living by writing and editing for her hometown papers regardless of whether she was living in Isla Vista, Gilroy, LA, or Manhattan.

One of my dreams is to have a cable access tv show called Bloggers where we’d sit around and talk about current events and the web.

If I ever did a show in New York I would make sure to invite Amy, Genevive, and Adam Leibowitz as panelists, and afterwards Amy would drink us under the table.

amy langfield

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow skips across the street

with petty pace and see through dress

tonights porchlight of promises is burn out and rotting

the welcome mats been soiled

the eggs are all hard boiled.

take me down to the paradise city

where the girls are cheap

and the beers are pretty.


take me down.

sometimes i write the dumbest poems that never go anywhere except a downward spiral into plagarism.

usually i dont share these dead end nothings, but today is your unlucky day.

i think its good for people to let others see their rough drafts and failed attempts at stuff.

i heard the rough mix of the new tsar single a week ago and it was incredible.

i reminded me of the demo mix of had a dad that jane’s addiction released as the b side of been caught stealing.

sometimes the frayed edges are better left untrimmed, especially when you are familiar with the polished finished result.

in my case you can see that all the polishing in the world doesnt help.

my dumbness shines through despite all the editing in the world.

today is hump day.

do you have any idea how long its been since ive been properly humped?

for a little while i was chomping at the bit, scratching at the floorboards, barking at the airplanes, but now ive settled down and accepted my fate.

somehow that scares me more than not getting any.



blamb blog + sara

two of my ex-girlfriends had dinner and drinks last night.

i know this because one of them calls me every night and we talk and talk and talk.

i dont care if you think this entry is sappy. it will be.

i love both of these women so much, and everyone who meets either of them loves them so much too.

my mom and sister and brother in law and my little neice are coming to california in the fall and the last time they did that both of my ex’s got to hang out with me and my family and it was great.

not everything in the world is great so it’s nice to talk about things when they are.

so last night they talked and got drunk and talked about yours truly and reportedly had some nice things to say about me. imagine that!

but the best part is that theyre actually becoming pretty good friends, and for some reason that overwhelmed me with such joy that i almost started crying.

i was pretty emotional yesterday, so i probably would have cried happy tears at the lamest commercial.

the sun is bright and strong and warm today in los angeles and nobody seemed to like my little story about the fish and the billy goat, and you know what, i couldnt care less, cuz i like that story and thats all that matters.

lots of people have linked me this month and theyve emailed me to tell me that theyve linked me and tonight im going to write a special little post for them because they deserve it, so all of you who have been kind enough to acknowledge the busblog on your blogs, gratzi.

and for those of you who still havent been linked in return, please just leave a little comment after this post and i will be sure to return the favor later tonight.

and to the nice girl who sent me more pictures of herself even though i told her that i was actually pretty happy,

move here and i will take good care of you.

amy is my hero