when people email me, a lot of time they ask about the ten bucks for a car project.

Q. how much do you have so far?

A. today Doug from Off the Subject flowed, so we are up to $525. currently the money is earning 2%, but very soon i will invest it into two stocks. probably sunw and msft. your generosity will be at work! when we get another $500 i will put that in two more stocks. maybe you all can leave suggestions as to which ones.

Q. i would donate, but im afraid you’re just going to buy weed with the money.

A. if i wanted weed i would just go out more and i’d have it for free. i want a car.

Q. the “Bounce Wit Me” photo essay was really great. Is that a copyrighted method or can the rest of us do it? I have one (with a different song) I was thinking of doing for when Bush gets canned in 2004.

A. thank you. i didnt really like that photo essay much which is why i didnt really hype it. it is not a copyrighted method but people have been known to acknowledge me in one way or another. it is recommended, however, that if you do use that style that you email me once you post it, that way if someone writes in and says “this guy’s ripping you off,” i can say, nah, he emailed me, its cool.

ultimately, i like it when people want to mimic something ive done or borrow from a style. it’s very flattering. very.

Q. im a big fan of riley dog, i hear he’s moving.

A. im a big fan too! yes the new url is http://www3.telus.net/public/slaidlaw/rileydog.html

Q. whats the definition of a Hold?

A. a Hold is credited any time a relief pitcher enters a game in a Save Situation, records at least one out, and leaves the game never having relinquished the lead.

Q. why do you love raymi so much?

A. i admire people who can do things that i cant. i could never be naked on the web.

Q. what do you think of this blog

A. i like it. good writing. good design. i wish i knew how to design like that.

Q. mlb starts on sunday. how are the cubs going to do?

A. sosa will hit 61. belhorn will hit 40. wood will win 20 games. cubs will beat the yankees in 7 games in october. chicago will burn down again and i will be on top of the sears tower roasting marshmellows.

then they’ll repeat.

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