guess who got a new camera!

i am officially in love.

this thing is a beast. it does everything. it is the new version of the canon s40, it’s the s45. 4 megapixels, 11x zoom. it’s little. it has lots of menus and everything is fully controlable.

finally i can bring to you photographs of my town: hollywood, california – since it hardly ever gets photographed.

i bought the camera at the good guys across the street from the beverly center in beverly hills.

this particular good guys used to be known for being the only 24 hour store in the chain, a favorite with celebrities who liked to endulge in late-night sprees when most of the city was asleep.

the canon s45 was priced at $499, but the good guys had a weekend special where you got $50 off if you spent $500 or more. $450 is exactly what i wanted to spend. of course i got the 2 yr extend warranty ($69) and a 256mb flash card ($89), and now i am actively bidding on a replacement battery since after about 30 minutes my battery light turned on, probably due to my excessive zooming, etc.

whatever, i love it.

chris was there to pick it up with me after we had a nice lunch at pf changs. after she dropped me off at home, i charged the battery and hit the streets.

the sun was setting and i was trying to decide where i would take pictures, and i remembered that some of my xbi buddies were at the kodak theatre for tomorrow’s academy awards.

they let me behind the golden curtain and on what little red carpet was left and i snapped a bunch of pictures that i hope to have up for your collective asses tomorrow afternoon. {update: here is the photo essay}

they asked me if i wanted to work the event tomorrow but i politely refused. tomorrow is my last day of vacation and it was a perfect vacation and i want to walk around the neighborhood and take more pictures tomorrow and chill out for just one more day.

im sure someone will take pictures of the oscars for you.

mc brown + rupaul + la examiner