as you know, nothing in here is true.

and as you also know, anna kournikova and i are best of friends.

not lovers, not ex lovers, not neighbors, not co-workers, just really super friends.

so when the news came out the other day that she had been secretly married to that famous russian hockey player, old whatshisname, i wasnt surprised in the slightest. for years that was a secret that she and i shared. and he shared it too.

im really good at keeping secrets.

especially if i have good motivation to do so.

anna and i motivate each other in different ways. anna loves being mentioned on the busblog and put into photo essays on the web site, and basically given any attention whatsoever on these web pages. so if theres something that i would like for her to do, or something that she needs to get done, i will offer to put her picture on here as a reward, and if she does something incredibly spectacular, i will give her a photo essay.

most of the time if she wants to motivate me into doing something she will either offer to cook me a nice meal, flow me some concert tickets so i can impress a special someone, and sometimes she even offers to give me a kiss.

she used to offer to give me money, but money doesnt usually get me to do stuff. but nice kisses do. psycho, i know, but whatever works.

the other night anna wanted me to catch a bus over to west hollywood because she was terrified after seeing a screener copy of the Ring.

it was sunday, there were two all-new simpson’s scheduled to be on. plus anna nicole, plus michael essany. so i said no.

then she offered to make me a nice meal.

still i said no.

then she said she’d kiss me for three minutes straight.

after about a minute i couldnt take much more and i had to have her stop or i was gonna fall over.

so last night she reminded me that i had two minutes in the bank and she was willing to offer me three more if i did something that she knew i was super scared to do, and this morning i did it.

so ha!

37. Kat


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