it’s windy as a bitch today in hollywood

windier than i ever have seen it.

whenever you see me talking about the weather you should know that it’s code for something else.

my mom talks in this code all the time, but in much more detail.

she’ll tell me all about the snow in chicago or the mini heat wave, or how the rain is helping out her flowers, but usually it’s about the terrible cold.

the weather in LA is usually beautiful, but even if it wasnt im not sure how interesting talking about the weather would be even if it was varied like crazy.

hot chick from the east coast was telling me the other day that it was warm in her town, it was 56.

i told her it was cold in my town, it was 57.

good part about wind in hollywood at this time of year is that it clears the old dry dead palm fronds from the palm trees.

you will be able to see them spread out generously on the streets today.

the other day i was reading a web page and there was a link to me. the person wrote how one of their friends had been hyping me for a while and it took a while to get into me, but one day “saw the light.”

it made me happy. then i went into the comments and i read this:

#3 01:16 am

It took me a long time to get into Pierce. I used to visit once, then leave and forget about the site, then come back again weeks later, then leave again and then one day I just saw the genius of it and was hooked.


#4 02:35 pm

Yeah. I’ve been doing that for months.

All of a sudden you’re like “Damn, this is blogging.”


have i told you that i love you all?

i do.

the ward + katie + how to be hip

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