slept in till noon. might have to do that every day.

one time i woke up at noon with an irish girl named shana.

happy st. paddys day, shana.

went to golden gate park on sunday afternoon with her sexy friend and we drank and danced in the sun.

her friend was also a beautiful irish girl on a work visa there in san francisco.

frisco was full of em at the time.

hopefully it’s still like that.

best part about the irish is that if you invited a few of them, dozens more would come singing through the doors just as the bars were closing with jugs of wine, boxes of cheap beer in cans, and guitars.

all of the men knew every song, and all of the women were beautiful.

one night two of the prettiest ones kissed me at the same time.

so sitting there drunk in the sun on an unseasonably warm summer day in san francisco watching the two girls dance in the middle of a drum circle, i decided to rest my eyes and listen to the groovy beats.

i woke up and the girls were sharing a chocolate chip cookie and offered me some. who doesnt like chocolate chip cookies?

we hopped on the 71 Haight and rode home and were naked within an hour.

in the morning i remembered very little of that night.

and because im a little too honest in my real life life, i told the young lady.

i dont remember anything of last night.

i kissed her on the neck and said, nope, dont remember any a that.

kissed her pale stomach and said, yep, dont remember any of that either.

she laughed and rolled over me

her straight red hair fell perfectly around her face like rain, suspended during sunset

and i did remember that

then we did some other stuff that i didnt remember

then we did some stuff that theres no way i should have forgotten,

but i did forget.

then we had grits at a breakfast place in the rain on a monday afternoon

she dropped me off, gave me a great kiss, told me she’d call me before dinner

and i never saw her again.


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