tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow skips across the street

with petty pace and see through dress

tonights porchlight of promises is burn out and rotting

the welcome mats been soiled

the eggs are all hard boiled.

take me down to the paradise city

where the girls are cheap

and the beers are pretty.


take me down.

sometimes i write the dumbest poems that never go anywhere except a downward spiral into plagarism.

usually i dont share these dead end nothings, but today is your unlucky day.

i think its good for people to let others see their rough drafts and failed attempts at stuff.

i heard the rough mix of the new tsar single a week ago and it was incredible.

i reminded me of the demo mix of had a dad that jane’s addiction released as the b side of been caught stealing.

sometimes the frayed edges are better left untrimmed, especially when you are familiar with the polished finished result.

in my case you can see that all the polishing in the world doesnt help.

my dumbness shines through despite all the editing in the world.

today is hump day.

do you have any idea how long its been since ive been properly humped?

for a little while i was chomping at the bit, scratching at the floorboards, barking at the airplanes, but now ive settled down and accepted my fate.

somehow that scares me more than not getting any.



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