britney murphy came over last night

when i least expected it. and i know what you’re going to say, “isnt she crazy?” but show me one person who isnt crazy and i’ll show you someone who’s so dull that its not even worth the time.

and maybe guys like me turn girls like her crazy.

anyway, shes not crazy. shes hot. lots of people confuse the two.

at some point i drifted away into a deep dark peaceful sleep.

and at some point someone started making beautiful lust to me and it was definately a young woman and it might or might not have been ms. britney murphy. whoever she was she felt really soft and she knew what the hell she was doing.

and i dont know if guys can have multiple uh, hmmm, well, but i think i did.

109 years old, nearly 110, and new things can still happen.

very bizarre.

both of us were turned on that we did it again right after.

now its the early morning and i want to call in sick but the problem with crimefighting is that the criminals dont call in sick.

i have sunburn on my shoulders from the dodgers game yesterday.

i have scratches on my back from what might have been britney murphy or what might have been miss montreal or what might have been clipper girl’s upstairs neighbor.

i have so much work to do i dont even know where to start.

and i owe you all so many photo essays that i dont even know what to do.

but what i would like the most to do is remind you that the Sponsor Blogger Pro for the busblog auction is in full gear. it’s the only guaranteed way to get linked here for a year straight every day.

and i’d also like to remind you that life can be pretty badass sometimes.

if you let it.

98ward + mc brown’s great pictures from yesterday + trueboy

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