dear raymi in the mix


do you know i love you?

its true.

anti knows, so it’s cool.

and it’s not dirty love anyway, it’s sweet bloggy love. partially dirty. i cant lie. but not really cuz im olde.

i envy you rameee you and your man. you two can do anything

and everything you type is funny and cool and not as canadian as i thought it would be, except the weed.

in so many ways you are the epitome of canada.

you get away with murder. you parlez francios when you think we’re listening. you smoke. how youre not the biggest thing in rock is beyond me. you take off your clothes and write better than most of them and still theyre all oh shit my boss might see and they go back to being stupid.

when can we have our tv talk show?

when will you blog again?

when will canada forgive us?

what school will we send our kids to?

its people like you raymi, and anti, that make me want to go back to the suburbs.

i want you two to live next door and our kids to get in fights with each other and then make up as they build a halfpipe with wood they stole by the lake.

i want to tell my kids not to eat your brownies.

i want to enter a dozen failed businesses with anti

funded by our one real success

the strip club



magic store.

even after david blane and david copperfield got those hot chicks the kids still didnt learn their magic tricks

until the magic store showed up.

oh raymi.

this time last year you had four five blogs rolling.

is that a wedding band?

i hope so.

i miss you.

thanks for not bringing sars to hollywood but why am i coughing so much?

yours in Christ,


ray me + az anti + which rhymes with jay me

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