my cubbies are letting me down.

this is supposed to be the year.

they keep on getting these scrubs like kenny lofton and tony womack who arent bad and its not like theyre not trying, they are trying.

and randall simon was the hardest guy to strike out last year and im glad they got him too.

but we need a-rod.

why should the yankees get everyone?

i just finished Moneyball, and i dont finish many books, but i took my time with that one and i loved it.

it taught me to look at life differently.

Moneyball shows us that the best way to follow baseball is to not watch it too closely, so when i was at the ball game the other day i took pictures of pretty much everything other than the game.

im not quite sure thats what the book was talking about, but it was a great book.

i’d like the author to follow the Cubs next year and explain to us why its going to be another hundred years before they win the world series.

im hungry. im thirsty. i think i have a bowling date with karisa tonight but she’ll probably wuss out because she fears my mighty bowling prowess.

the last time we went she got me hammered and beat my ass and she keeps reminding me that she beat my ass and wont let me forget it.

i dont even remember the game i was so drunk.

moneyball was written so clearly that it made the narrator seem invisible. it just told the story. yes it was slanted towards one side but its an amazing story: how you can spend a fraction of what everyone else is spending on players and beat their ass repeatedly.

now i know why theyre not going to re-sign miguel tejada.

if i go bowling with karisa tonight im going to beat her by 100 pins. and then i’ll drink.

i know i always say that and i know she always ends up getting me drunk but i have will power.

i dont but lets pretend i do.

i like it when people say that i have the coolest blog going.

if i dont go bowling tonight i will update the front page, and i will look for a new stat program.

the one i have doesnt do averages very well.

the last two days the blog has gotten on average of about 3,500 hits. one day it got 5,000 hits.

the average day in the busblog i get about 1,000.

but those two days out of 200 shouldnt bump the average to close to 2,000. the average is like 1,250.

i like site meter, ive had them forever, but their numbers cant be trusted. im not as popular as the average says i am and i know i get more hits than the daily stats say.

and karisa, if youre reading this, im going to beat you by 100 pins with an 8 pound ball.

virginia + flagrant + how i didnt catch a home run ball

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