i am in the greatest mood.

i think i know why but im not sure.

even the slowness of the bus arriving this morning didnt bring me down.

even the lady who wanted to rub her arm against my arm on the bus didnt bring me down.

even the hundred emails waiting for me in my in box here at the xbi didnt bring me down.

its gorgeous here in southern california.

its so nice i want to write a letter.

dear prospective employer,


please hire me.

tomorrow im going to have to get a bus pass for the month of september.

please make it the last bus pass that i have to get this year.

please hire me and take me away from all this.

i swear to you. i SWEAR that i will work my ass off and do everything to make your company stronger and healthier and even more successful.

lets make this the biggest win-win in the history of rock n roll.

lets blaze a trail of happiness across this fine nation and make all the pretty girls wave their hands.

lets do things the way they should be done. lets start now. lets start today.

lets make a new covenant of truth and honesty and idealism and fun. lets show people that you can do things like this and make it easy and make it funky and be on time and deliver the goods and meet the demand and sign it and seal it and deal it.

ive been waiting and waiting and waiting and i want to ask if i have to wait until christmas but i dont even want to think that because ive been waiting all summer, ive been waiting forever. ive been waiting weeks just to see whats going on and that wait is killing me.

im giddy today for no reason. im happy today because im a happy camper. im satisfied from the beer and bratwurst and chicken on a stick. im satisfied because the ladies in the house squint when they see me and give me the benefit of the doubt and they call me and they come over and they make good on their whispers and say the nicest things when its over.

i know what its like to sit in the minor leagues and tear it up in waukegan and iowa falls and modesto.

call me up.

lets start something historic and glorious and goundbreaking and nerdy.

otherwise im just going to take all the good vibes in me right now and run as fast as i can across the world.

your favorite crime fighter,


midnight magicka + allison + kenneth cowan + blue cad

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