dear fragrant

thanks so much for the disco mix tape. i know i promised one for you in return but i flail. im so sorry.

how are you??

i did rock out to the sweet tunes, i love the wah wah and the blaxploitation classics that brought me back to yesteryear.

i went past the wiltern this morning and can you believe it, people were lining up to see your boy dave at 8am!

i promised myself that once i got my new camera i would take pictures of these people and put it on a site called, but once again, my ideas never match up to my follow through. its sad. it really is.

also, before i forget, thank you for the chocolate tort that you sent my mom. she thinks youre the best!

how did you remember her birthday?

oh you.

im not entirely sure what im doing tomorrow night. tonight i definately have to do laundry. im down to my Iron Maiden Killers tshirt and my holey jeans.

seriously i have no underwear thats clean, nor socks, so today i wore my swim trunks as underwear and flip flops.

its quite a sight.

anyhow, i would love to go with you tomorrow night to the show, but i think my old girlfriend wants to take me to the movies, but since you asked first, i will wait on your reply.

how good are the seats?

normally i would ask about backstage, but im so done with the backstage scene. although the celeb sighting would be interesting.

ok, backstage?

i suck. i know. god i want to get drunk too. last time i got drunk there and this girl i barely knew took advantage of me. it was pretty hot.

last night i was pretty tipsy. walking around in the sunlight with crazy street fair madness happening will do that to you. plus i was mixing booze: sangria, dark beer, light beer, shots, back to the sangria.

sometimes i wish you drank, but its good to know someone who can drive home.

anyways, tell me about tomorrow. i havent even heard the cd. does he do covers live? oldies?

does he take requests?

id like to hear an erasure number.

id give him $20 to do “chains of love.”

hell, id give him $50 to do “lucky” by your girl britney who wont stop calling me. but i told her last week that i wasnt going to be second in line after that my so called life pretty boy. and she thought i was bluffing, but i dont bluff.

give my best to the stalkers,


floor pie + bing + gorilla mask

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