i got to go to zancou

and hang out with my true love tonight.


she looks better every day.

told me today that officially she has a boyfriend.

she was driving me home from the office.

we were holding hands in her convertible, she had just given me ken laynes the analog bootlegs to which i told her that i loved her.

palm trees zipped by above us as we drove north on wilton past slow drivers and barking dogs, and twisted through the nice houses and slowly over the huge dip at the intersection.

of course i want her to be happy.

im near her and all the days sins are washed away.

i said does this mean i cant touch those lovely bazooms, which were happy you can tell, letting me know that they missed me, saying hi tony we’ll never forget you.


she said yeah it means you cant.

she smiled.

we always smile.

i started to tear up a little while i smiled.

felt lame.

she said oh baby and squeezed my hand.

our hands were on her lap and she drove and i pointed and said so does this mean i cant touch the niceness.

and i looked at the nice place with my fake xray vision and she laughed a hearty laugh cuz i smiled and i was sorta sad but happy but really tired from my job that gives me heartburn and bald patches

and she said yeah no touching there

she said its been two and a half years as if to say give up already but a salesman never listens to the first no

or the million and first

and i leaned close

and she leaned close and i said softly

what about the dirtiest of all areas

there was a time when she would have gasped but that time is long gone she smiled looking at me and back at the traffic and held my hand tighter as we passed a store that hung all its saturday night mexican lady dance club outfits on plastic hangars against the chain fence of the abandoned lot next door

and i didnt hear her say no

did you

katie hall + hoo-ha + bunnie

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