i want to do a photo essay about the goobertonial coup going on here in cali.

it’s sorta fucked up especially since the republicans have the white house and the congress and the supreme court and they’ve pretty much driven the country into the ground.

when it became obvious that california was in trouble gray davis asked the republican federal government for help and didn’t get any. then he made some bad deals with texas republican energy companies – one of whom was affiliated with vice president Cheney.

as a result of those bad decisions we now find ourselves caught up in a “recall” election on his ass.

its not like he lied about weapons of mass destruction.

its not like he lied about nukes in africa in his state of the union.

its not like he gave kick backs i mean tax breaks to the rich and bribes i mean refunds to the populace as the economy hits record lows.

id like to say that i cant believe what’s going on in american politics today but i can believe it because ive seen hungry dogs eat before and it looks like the modern day grand old party.

they barked and yelped and howled at bill and hillary while trying to trap em in a tree but all they could do was piss on it and make the birds scatter and tear up the lawn.

they were not voted best in show but they ran home with the blue ribbon anyway while everyone just looked at each other and are still looking at each other like wtf and the only response is fuck if i know.

the lesson the right are giving the kids is the same one that charles barkley used to give which is i am not a role model and keep your big fat rich bald head down and your elbow out as you drive down the lane.

this is your world

this is your game

put your mouthpiece in, furrow your brow

no blood

no foul.

in a more logical world the end of the bush dynasty would mean the end of the republican party: nothing this man or this office has done was successful. none if it was honorable. the economy stupid is in the tank. morality is in the tank. you cant tell me that even one of those suits or skirts can communicate their vision.

not even fat boy rush has anything to say.

which means theres probably nothing to say.

its all just capture the flag for this generation.

i want i want i want.


heres what we can do.

or look at that.

or here you go.

the pendulum has swung so far that a muscleman

whose father was a nazi

whos been in america for decades and still cant speak english

is going to steal the keys to the governors office in the most important state in the union.

and people are going to cheer because they like the movies he’s made.

the ones where he kills all those people with gigantic guns.

i want to do a photo essay about all this but i would rather prepare to go to the dodger game with some friends.

cuz photo essays don’t make a difference.

or make people think.

friendships do.

this means whore + elizabeth spiers + cranky girl

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