im procrastinating. im slacking. im not doing what i oughtta.

big fancy website’s gonna print what i type soon and im taking my sweet old time like a fool.

im pretty sure i know what im gonna say and im pretty sure it will be funny but im pretty sure im not gonna write it tonight like i should.

instead im going to check out this hot chick who’s coming over any minute now.

i mean we’re going to watch a movie together.

the problem is so simple.

i dont think im ready for this jelly.

i dont think im ready for prime time.

im a not ready for prime time blogger.

i havent seen too many bad reviews about the busblog out there in the world and i am being asked to do this but still im a little nervous to break on through to the other side.

i know i have to do this though.

i know it will only help me though.

the hot chick is over. you would know this if you walked past because sex and the city is on. shes being a good sport.

we were supposed to watch moulin rouge but tivo deleted it prematurely.

c’est la vie.

shes not into the rum or the blunt or the beer or lots of me but for some reason things are working out right now.

she was miss montreal in 97.

i dont know what we’re going to do after this tv show is over.

i never know whats going on in this reality game show soap opera.

while showering i came across an idea that would probably fly, but why even bother.

a gen x soap opera called isla vista about a college beach town and all the cool kids who go there to live die and rock out steal bicycles experiment with kegs and burn couches every day on cbs.

there really should be a regular farm team for all the best young talent of hollywood to get discovered.

no ones saying it shouldnt be a soap opera where a rock band plays at the end of every episode.

i think the meat lovers pizza and diet pepsi have arrived.

bon appetit!

faith fools + moxie + get your oj

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